Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets 2020- Top 8 [10 min read]

.While going on long motorcycle rides, you need a carbon fiber helmets that don’t stress the hell out of you. Guess what, when some riders choose a motorcycle helmet, their top priority is safety and some helmets do this job quite efficiently. However, sometimes it’s not just about safety but eases as well, and this is the place where carbon fiber helmets kick in. Having enhanced durability and scratch resistance, super low weight, stronger impact resistance, and most of all, great feel and comfort.

But wait, let me tell you something.

Carbon fibre helmets are some of the best performing crash helmets around. They tend to score well in SHARP SAFETY TESTS, are lighter than average (1.36Kg/3Lbs is the average weight for a carbon motorcycle helmet) and, because they’re usually at the top end of a manufacturer’s range, they tend to be well constructed too. Of course, that means they’re often the priciest lids too!

Here are our Top Picks :

  Our Top Picks
High End

AGV Sport Modular Carbon Helmet

Budget Friendly

Daytona Helmets Skull Cap

Best Carbon Fiber Helmets Table:

Here is the list of best carbon fiber helmets making noise in the market now.

1.Bell Bullitt
Carbon Fiber
Full-Face5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
2. 1Storm ModularFull-Face
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
3.Bell Race
Star Triton
Full-Face5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
4.AGV Sport
Modular5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
5.LS2 Carbio
Open-Face5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
6.YEMA 628Open-Face5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Skull Cap
Half-Shell4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
8.HJC Solid IS-CruiserHalf-Shell4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets 2020 Reviews:

1.Bell Bullitt Carbon Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Want that “vintage” look and modern features? Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-face Motorcycle Helmet might be something of your interest. Based on the design of one of Bell’s originals from the 70s, this one will give you that old school classy look accompanied by some top of the line features.

Providing exceptionally good fit and high-quality details, this model is a full-faced one to give you amazing feel and extra protection without any confinement with its large eye port that provides a full-field view.

Moreover, the Bullitt Carbon helmet also features an antibacterial interior made of leather along with a flat shield that is efficient and vintage, both at the same time. Along with that, the internal liner is removable/washable to add more to its convenience.

In terms of ventilation, it allows enough air entrance to keep you from soaking in sweat in hot weather. In addition, to make you feel even more comfortable you get cheek pads and integrated speaker or Bluetooth pockets to enjoy your favorite music on the ride or talk to your buddies. Also, you won’t be disappointed with the great noise reduction it offers.

Well, Though it’s a fact that Bell Bullitt Carbon Full-face is extremely heavy on features that meet the needs of all modern-day bikers effortlessly, it tends to be extremely heavy on pockets as well. Make sure what you need from a Carbon Fiber helmet before you consider buying it since this model is filled with extra embellishments that contribute greatly to increasing its price.

  • Great feel and flawless comfort.
  • Washable/Removable internal lining.
  • Extremely lightweight (obviously).
  • Good noise reduction.
  • Vintage look.
  • Nice ventilation system.
  • DOT approved.
  • Expensive.
  • The visor is prone to rattling.

Final Verdict:

In terms of features, there isn’t a second opinion about this beauty because it proves to be a dream helmet on every test you put it at. Be it durability or features, Bell Bullitt Carbon Helmet completely outdone any of its competitors. However, as a matter of fact, that it comes at an extremely expensive price, think twice about what you need if you are not running high enough on money because this buddy is gonna cost you some serious amount of bucks.

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2.Storm Motorcycle Modular Full-Face Helmet

It would be sheer injustice to not mention Storm While talking about the best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets since the company has been famous for producing some quality stuff in this department, and this Modular Full-Face helmet stands as no exception.

As the main goal of owning a helmet is to get premium protection, this helmet provides you Full-Face covering to prevent any serious damage at the time of impact. The durability shouldn’t be a point of explanation since we already know we are talking about Carbon Fiber Motorcycle helmets, a material known for its exceptional quality.

Moreover, it is clearly visible from the name that this helmet is modular. This means you get a flip-up and dual-lens design accompanied by a clear outer shield. Also, just in case you are wondering about the view thing, I think the company has done a great job in this area by introducing tinted lenses for day-riding while a clear-one for night riding. You can switch between both depending upon your needs.

Given that both lenses are fog proof, it is made sure that you don’t have to face any inconvenience on the road due to Fogg accumulation. Especially at night where a clear view is of prime importance. The ventilation system is also good enough to keep your head cool on long and hot rides,

To say more, the design is extremely aerodynamic to reduce the drag on high speed. In addition, just like any carbon made helmet this one also features extremely low weight to keep your head and neck from stressing out. Providing some extra protection, it also has UV protection.

Comes in multiple finishes and sizes. Choose the one that suits you the best.

  • Removable/Washable Internal lining.
  • Dual Lenses.
  • It can be converted into a half-face helmet when needed.
  • UV Protection.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Fog proof lenses for clear visibility.
  • Variety of size and color.
  • Classic look.
  • Aerodynamic.
  • The exposed chin can be harmful to hard impacts.
  • Falls on the expensive side.

Final Verdict:

A great combination of style and features, Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet is a balanced piece of gear with every necessary and extra feature that a biker expects from an expensive model. With extreme durability and every safety measure, everything is just on-point. All in all, there’s nothing really to complain about except for the exposed chin region which can be damaging in certain conditions. A good investment to make if you like the premium gear.

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3.Bell Race Star Triton Full-Face Helmet

Keeping in account what Bell has achieved in the helmet industry over the past few decades, it’s no surprise to see the brand making it to our top-list again. This time with the Bell’s Race Star Triton Full-Face Helmet, they have proved it once again why they are one of the best motorcycle helmet brands in the world right now. However, don’t expect an antique in case of this one since it features some premium motor class design with extremely modern features.

Having an up-to-date design combined with vibrant colors, this is something a professional biker would love to put on his head. With blue, black, and yellow color being prominent to the eye, it can rightly be called the true definition of style and class.

The viewport is wide enough to keep every bit of road or area in view for a safe biking experience throughout the journey. Just for your information, it is called the Panavision Raceview viewport.

Consisting of a cooling mesh liner and a flex impact liner that adjusts according to your shape, the comfort is more than ever before, with airflow all along. As the helmet is designed and developed under the supervision of known experts, it ensures you have the least drag while riding at high speed, while maintaining the class and looks all along, making it extremely aerodynamic and aesthetic.

Adding more to its convenience, the lenses are also interchangeable to be used in accordance with varying light conditions for a safer journey. The shock-absorbing ability at the time of impact also proves to be really handy at times of strong impacts.

All in all, You’ll love every bit of this helmet but just like the previous model, it also costs a lot!

  • More viewing area and angle.
  • Flex liner molds according to the user’s head shape.
  • Interchangeable lens.
  • Shock absorbing for enhanced protection.
  • Stylish.
  • Extremely aerodynamic.
  • Expensive.

Final Verdict:

Being honest here, I would tell you one thing. Just don’t buy it if you aren’t in pro-racing or are not used to speedy rides because this piece of gear only targets this specific group of bikers. Go for another instead because it’s gonna cost you a lot for the features you’ll rarely use.

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4.AGV Sport Modular Carbon Helmet

agv sport carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

Talking about the best and not mentioning AGV? You gotta be kidding me. One of the top brands of the time, the company didn’t disappoint us in the Carbon category as well and came up with the Sport Modular Helmet which is as protective as being stylish.

To give you a brief overview of the helmet, it is extremely lightweight and durable just like any premium quality expensive Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet. The liner is also two-sided and reversible, allowing you to pick the optimum level for maximum comfort in varying weathers.

In addition, the face shield is prepared for the Pinlock 120 insert lens which provides professional-level anti-fogging for a convenient and clean riding experience, reducing the chances of an accident to zero percent.

If we have a bit closer look at this model, we come to know that it provides more than just being a Carbon helmet. Equipped with modern tech, it comes in three shell sizes to fit almost everyone’s head. Moreover, the shell is designed in such a way that there is minimum energy transfer towards the collar bone area, reducing the risk of serious injuries.

Just in case you are one of those going for long rides, there’s a piece of good news for you. AGV Sport Modular Carbon Helmet has big front ventilation, a chin guard vent, and a rear extractor hollowed in the shell that directs the airflow straight to the biker’s head. Along with that, this helmet features antibacterial cheek pads composed of Ritmo fabric.

Well, with all of the aforementioned features, AGV didn’t forget the “ease of use” part and tried their level best to make things as simple as possible. For example, the rapid face shield release system makes it easy to remove the shield without any extra tools. The nose guard and wind protector are also removable if you don’t feel like it’s necessary to be kept there.

All in all, an updated and technologically advanced carbon helmet that justifies its high cost. An exceptional piece of gear to have your hands on right now!

  • Lightest modular helmet available in the market right now.
  • Variety of sizes.
  • Compact and closely fits around the head.
  • Awesome ventilation.
  • Anti-fog lens included.
  • DOT/ECE Approved.
  • Expensive.
  • Raindrops etc can enter through the t vent
  • A bit of a stiff mechanism.

Final Verdict:

Well, nothing much to say. Just a lot of $$$, and it’s one of the best Carbon Fiber Motorcycle helmets you can instantly buy without any second thoughts.

5.LS2 Cabrio Carbon Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

ls2 carbio carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

Although LS2 is not one of those famous brands we often hear about but surely they have got the potential to be placed among some of the finest helmet manufacturers out there. Specialized in designing helmets for motorcycles LS2, you can only expect quality from this brand, that too for a comparatively affordable price.

Being a carbon fiber helmet, LS2 Cabrio Carbon is an extremely lightweight and durable motorcycle headgear with open face design. The face shield is removable and can be replaced by a clearer lens. However, there’s also a built-in drop-down sun shield to give you a clear view of the track as well as protecting your eyes from UV rays.

The internal lining is designed in such a way that it provides extremely high comfort, as well as that premium, feel we often see inexpensive helmets. Moreover, the shell shape is oval, so that it can fit any head shape. In addition to that, it comes in six different sizes so that won’t be a problem.

In terms of ventilation, this model is good enough to keep your head cool throughout your long journeys. The quick-release chin strap makes sure to get the thing off in case of an emergency. All in all, a lightweight, strong, and durable piece of gear, except for one fault that it doesn’t cover the complete face, thus the tendency of damage may be a bit more.

  • Variety of sizes.
  • DOT/ECE certified.
  • Interchangeable lenses.
  • Premium feel.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • More risk of face damage.

Final Verdict:

Let’s keep everything simple. If you aren’t that sort of “hardcore” biker, I think this one can prove to be a convenient headgear for you. However, if you are into pro-racing on something, I fear this isn’t something you can rely on when it comes to full-face protection since a large area of the face is left exposed for impact.

6.YEMA 628 Motorcycle Helmet

yema 628 carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

If you’re in need of a full-face helmet, you may skip this one right now because, despite the fact that YEMA 628 Motorcycle helmet is a professional motorbike helmet that reaches every DOT recommended safety measure, it still doesn’t cover all of your face areas, resulting in severe injuries at stronger impacts.

However, if that doesn’t bother you, then let’s dig a bit deep into what this model provides. So, YEMA 628 Motorcycle Helmet is primarily known for its sleek design and amazing features packed in a compact size. Designed for fast rides, the design is such that it allows the least drag to push you behind, making it extremely aerodynamic.

In terms of ventilation, it comes with an adjustable intake and exhaust system that ensures constant airflow which in turn keeps you cool enough to prevent your head from soaking into a sweat in the longer run.

To add more to the helmet’s functionality and convenience, it comes with a removable/washable internal lining and some extra room for glasses and Bluetooth speakers installment. Also, it allows you to fit multiple types of sun visors including the tinted one and the clear one for different light conditions. Anyways, you can go even without one if you want. Being completely Scratch and UV resistant, it is durable as well as protective.

The helmet is available in every size from extra small to extra large, all with the same easy-fitting design. This means it will fit every head shape and size. A great deal for the money!

  • Reasonable price.
  • Good ventilation.
  • Compatible with multiple visors.
  • Reinforced chin strap.
  • UV Protection.
  • No full-face protection.

Final Verdict:

Pretty much the same to the previously mentioned model, it has everything to be mentioned as one of the few best Carbon fiber motorcycle  helmets available in the market right now. But not for everyone, surely.

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7.Daytona Helmets Skull Cap

daytona skull carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

Well, since we are specifically talking about Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets, you ain’t gonna see a lot of full-face helmets, and this one also seems to be supporting the statement. Primarily an old school helmet, this one only covers the skull area of your face while meeting the DOT standards at the same time.

As a matter of fact that this helmet is only meant for the skull region, you won’t get to see a lot of aforementioned words like ventilation, visors, etc. Representing the shape and design of a simple cap, it comes in various sizes to fit your head in the best way possible.

The internal liner is also composed of good material that is efficient enough to keep you cool and dry on a long ride. Moreover, it’s very comfortable to put on. Also, since the helmet doesn’t have its own face-shield and stuff, you can put whatever you want on your eyes or face.

Where Daytona kept everything at minimal in this model, they didn’t forget to do the same in terms of weight as well, making this one arguably the lightest Headgear available in the market right now. In short, it is the most freedom-giving helmet right now with no extra or unnecessary technologies. Just a simple, classy, old school piece of gear that gives ultimate visibility and considerable skull protection!

  • DOT certified.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Affordable.
  • Extra visibility.
  • Comforting.
  • It makes you extremely vulnerable to damage.

Final Verdict:

Well, there’s nothing much to say. Just look at it and then decide if it’s enough to keep you going!

8.HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Shell Motorcycle Helmet

HJC CRUISER carbon fiber motorcycle helmets

Simplicity and quality combined, HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Shell Motorcycle Helmet provides high-class safety and style all at the same time. With a protective shell, it comes in different finishes including grey, white, black, and red. Moreover, there are numerous sizes to choose from, including extra small and extra-large.

To talk about the internal lining, it has moisture-wicking padding combined with a great ventilation system to keep you dry and cool on long journeys. Moreover, it can also be removed for washing purposes. The shell is made of carbon is extremely light and durable. It won’t even get a scratch, that’s guaranteed.

Though the custom shield is a clear one, you can also interchange it with a smoked sun shield in accordance with the light conditions to avoid any accidents. Approved by DOT/ECE, it’s fully qualified to be kept in the list of Carbon Fiber motorcycle Helmets of the day.

  • Multiple sizes.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Removable/Washable internal liner.
  • Affordable price.
  • Durable material with good ventilation.
  • Doesn’t have a full face.

Final Verdict:

Though it proves to be better than the aforementioned two models in terms of area coverage still leaves some area of the face exposed that can take damage in solid impacts. Just keep your needs into account before choosing any sort of helmet. If you’re into pro or hardcore racing etc, I’ll suggest you go for a full-faced headgear instead.

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What does Carbon Fiber Helmets mean?

You must have heard the term “Carbon helmet” right, which basically refers to the carbon coating at the exterior of the helmet. However, in the case of Carbon Fiber Helmets, the story is a bit different. They are fully made of carbon that’s why they have enhanced protection, quality, and comfort with extremely low weight.

Are carbon fiber Helmets safe?

If you’ve read the article from the very beginning, you may be well aware that Carbon Fiber helmets fall in the premium category of headgears. That means they are the most durable, strong, reliable helmets available right now. I mean isn’t the price enough to explain this?

Polycarbonate or Carbon fibre, which one’s strong?

Of course, it is carbon fibre. Although polycarbonate is really strong on the other hand, it is prone to scratches. Which isn’t the case with carbon. This means you’ll have that premium look to the end.

Fibreglass or Carbon Fiber?

Obviously carbon fibre, for it has the ability to withstand even the strongest impacts.

What to look for in a helmet?

DOT Certification.

Thick Liner.

SIze and shape.

Shell material.


Comfort and ventilation.

Snug fit






















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