Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands 2020-2021 ( Top Brands You Must Check)

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands of the time.  When looking for the best motorcycle helmet brands, the prime factor one places before anything is safety. However, since innovation has overtaken every sector of the industry in the last several decades, it isn’t probably the only thing that a biker looks for. The modern-day biker sees comfort and technology as important as protection. Since the necessities and priorities have changed now, some brands tried their level best to adapt to the changing needs, and quite successfully. Equipped with every basic and advanced technology, here we will discuss some of the best motorcycle helmet brands and their best products till date that should be your top-notch priority while making your choice. First, to make your decision easier we made a list of all the best helmet brands and then their top product is reviewed in detail.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

After going through an unbiased and deep research process, the helmet brands that we found out to be producing the most reliable piece of gear in terms of durability, comfort, protection, and technology are the following:

  • Shoei
  • Arai
  • HJC
  • Bell
  • AGV
  • Nolan
  • Shark
  • Caberg
  • Airoh
  • MT

Top Helmet Brands 2021 Table:

Best BrandsTheir Top
1.SHOEIRF-1200Full-Face5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) 
2.ARAICorsAir-XFull-Face5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
3.HJCI-10Full-Face5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Flex Dirt
best motorcycle helmet brandsHalf-Skull5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
5.AGVK-1Full-Face5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
6.NOLANN100-5Full-Face5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
7.SHARKEvoline ST
Move up
4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
8.CABERGDriftHalf-Face4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5) 
9.AIROHAviator 2.3
Half-Skull4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
10.MTBlade 2 SVFull-Face4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Top Helmet Brands 2021 Reviews:


 Manufacturing Helmets since 1958, Shoei has been heating up the games for quite a while now. Since the beginning, the company has been famous for producing some high-end motorcycle helmets for professional and casual bikers, keeping their legacy alive to this date.

 This brand actually raised to fame with the introduction of the world’s first carbon fibre helmet which earned it a great reputation in the motorcycling arena. In fact, some of their helmets like X-spirit have been awarded as the most advanced piece of gear back in 2003, followed by RF-1000 and QWEST in 2003 and 2010.

 Now coming up to the reasons why have Shoei gained such a great reputation among the bikers. It’s because of the advanced tech they use in their gear which not only provides them extreme level protection, but also that comfort one needs for a great ride. Moreover, having a great ventilation system, Shoei helmets don’t let the biker’s head heat up due to lack of air.

 Other features like awesome noise reduction capabilities and a great viewing area. The brand has also made sure that every biker remains focused on the road without being disturbed by the bikes or surrounding noise. Usually equipped with a built-in sun visor, you don’t have to worry about UV rays while riding with Shoei. Furthermore, since they come in a variety of sizes, these helmets tend to be ideal among bikers of any level, or any size.

 Just make sure you have some extra bucks in your pockets, for buying one’s gonna cost a lot!

 Best Model from Shoei (RF-1200)

shoei Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands of the time.  


Clearly living up to the Shoei’s motto “evolution of perfection”, the latest model from the brand is RF-1200 which is as awesome as its predecessors with some major improvements in certain areas, pushing it to the boundaries of moto-helmet helmet capabilities.

 The compact size, small weight, and enhanced noise reduction are three major areas where it deviates from the previous model. However, since the design has evolved a bit, you may expect great aerodynamics, more ventilation, and increased comfort.

Costing around $485, just make sure you’ve enough money in your pockets before considering one. Though the previous models aren’t a bad idea to go for.

More From This Brand 


 Manufacturing motorsport helmets since the 1950s, the Japanese company has made quite an impressive reputation in the headgear world. The reasons behind the band’s success are numerous. For example, all of their helmets are completely hand-made to ensure quality and convenience throughout their life span. Moreover, each helmet goes through a quality test at every stage of production to avoid any possible faults.

 Though the testing doesn’t stop there. It undergoes several other tests after the production of shells and paint jobs. Once the helmet passes through every quality test, it is made ready for packaging and transferred to the market. Says a lot about why it stands among the best motorcycle Helmet brands in the world.

 Well, that was just a brief overview of the efforts the company puts in just manufacturing every single helmet. Now let’s move onto the main features that make it stand out in the crowd. So, the first thing that makes Arai a prominent name in the industry is probably the comforting experience a biker gets. The helmets are designed in such a way that there is maximum ventilation. In addition to that, the awesome padding also adds to its convenience. And being extremely lightweight, the biker won’t even feel it. Not to forget the amazing noise cancellation.

 Furthermore, most of their premium quality helmets come equipped with a chin wind deflector to reduce the drag while moving at high speeds. However, as much as Arai helmets are heavy on features, they are equally heavy on pockets. Make sure you are willing to throw a lot of money before considering it your final choice.

 Best Model from Arai (Corsair X):

arai corsair x Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

There’s one word that describes the Arai Corsair X Motorcycle helmet simply and that’s perfection. Putting the 50+ years helmet production experience in one model, Arai has created something that is a dream helmet for any biker. Super innovative design, enhanced diffuser vents, and comparatively better visor security, this helmet is next to comfort.

 Since protection is one of the main of many reasons why a biker puts on a helmet. Arai Corsair X Motorcycle helmet has a durable and impact-resistant shell PB SNC2 Shell to make sure you don’t have your brains out when you fall off the bike. The liner is anti-bacterial and stink-free so that you don’t die of suffocation while holding your breath.

 The vision-shield provides high visibility for a perfect ride. All in all, it has everything a biker needs. However, as a matter of fact, that it falls on the heavier side when it comes to money, you have to be generous enough.

Arai’s Best Helmet


 Operating since the 1970s, HJC has been a leading helmet manufacturing company in the US. However, is also well known around the world for their class and quality. Because of the reason that the primary objective of HJC helmets is to provide protection, you may not find those super ultra-embellishments we see in the aforementioned brands. However, since they give it for an extremely affordable price, these helmets are not only affordable but reliable.

 Just like the Arai, HJC also has a strict testing environment the helmet should pass through before reaching a biker’s hands. The test includes ventilation, aerodynamic abilities, and noise-cancellation ability checks. To be honest, it’s their testing system that has led them this far in the helmets industry, producing high-quality gear at lesser costs.

 Available in a variety of sizes, shapes, sizes, colours, and styles, no matter what head shape or size you have, there will always be an HJC that will fit your head perfectly. The rear exhaust ventilation system and earplugs are specially designed to cancel any unwanted noise, the helmet is equally comfortable as protective. Just what a budget biker wants!

 Best Model from HJC (I10):

hjc Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

As stated that the HJC is known for their high-value helmets, it couldn’t be justified enough after the introduction of the I10 motorbike helmet. Costing around just $150, it has everything a professional and a casual bike needs. With additional vents, smart HJC Bluetooth system, plush interior, earplugs for noise reduction, and variety of sizes, styles, and colours, it is something you could only wish for. Moreover, the shell is extremely powerful as per HJC-standards to protect you from any sort of impact. All in all, a feature-packed budget helmet any biker would love to own.


 Next time you see a Hollywood star wearing a motorbike helmet in an action sequence, just do yourself a favour. Have some online research and you’ll find out he’s using Bell. Yes, being in the limelight since the company was found, Bell has been impressing everyone with their quality motorbike helmets, paving their way to be one of the best motorcycle helmet brands in America specifically, and in the world generally. And by the way, this is the company that introduced the first-ever full-face helmet.

 Aesthetically designed and extremely comfortable, Bell helmets are a dream come true for many of my mid and high-budget friends. With a top-notch ventilation system and some seriously heavy padding, combined with a strong shell, the brand not only offers extreme comfort but also a high-class protection gear to save your head from chronic injuries. Moreover, there’s a variety of styles and sizes. Pick the one which suits you the best.

 If you’re a female bike rider, I think Bell helmets can prove to be a great choice for you because they offer some helmets designed specifically for females with respect to design, colour, size etc. The only bad thing about bell helmets as per user reviews is the weight. In addition to that, some complaint about the uncomfortable padding. However, it depends upon the model you choose.

Best Model from Bell (Moto-9 Flex Dirt):

On one hand where Bell provides high-quality mid-budget helmets, unfortunately, the best from the brand doesn’t seem to come at an affordable price. Costing you around $650, Bell Moto-9 Flex Dirt is arguably the most stylish, comforting, and durable model of its time with some serious features to offer.

 Equipped with a carbon shell, it will protect you like no other. Moreover, the design is extremely aerodynamic to reduce drag while riding at high speed. To add more to your relief, Bell’s self-introduced technology, also known as “Progressive Layering Technology” provides a three-layered lining specialized to withstand any sort of impact.

 As a matter of fact that it is specially designed for dirt bike riders, the helmet is ready for anything!

Check Out Bell’s Carbon Fiber Helmet


 Founded back in 1947, AGV started helmet manufacturing in 1952 and has been continuing to do so. Though they weren’t too good in the start and stood responsible for injuries of F1 drivers like Niki Lauda, the company seemed to be conscious about their quality and returned to the helmets Arena with helmets better in price, comfort, and durability.

 After success in motorcar helmets, AGV decided to try their luck in the motorbike industry and came up with some of the best Motorcycle helmets to this date including full-face racing helmets, modular helmets, Uban jet helmets etc. Since the overall user reviews seemed to be over the par, the company successfully gained its reputation as one of the best Motorcycle helmet brands in the current times, beating many of the giants that had been ruling the industry.

 Well, that was just a short story to enlighten you about a not-so-well-known but well-reputed helmet manufacturing company. Now moving on to the features overview, AGV Motorcycle Helmets seem to be quite impressive. Great ventilation system, numerous sizes and styles each with different finishes, Aerodynamic designs, and durable shell, not only do these helmets protect the biker well but also give him that premium feels one needs on the road.

 Cutting things short, 6 helmets from the respective brand were being tested by experts in 2016, out of which 3 succeeded in getting 5-star reviews while the rest stood at 4-stars, which isn’t bad by any means. To be honest, you really need to give it a try. 

Best Model From AGV (K-1):

agv k-1 Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

 “Cheap” and “quality” are two words that don’t seem to fit in a single sentence. However, AGV has somehow managed to put both in the same place with the introduction of the AGV K-1 Full-face motorcycle helmet. With an affordable price and exceptional quality, calling it a masterpiece won’t be over exaggerating.

 Awesomely cool finish, durable shell, and aerodynamic design, this one will give you a full-on joyous riding experience of your life. Moreover, equipped with a comparatively good ventilation system and good padding, not only will you feel comfortable, but also cool enough to avoid sweat or heat production. In addition to that, the variety of size and designs make sure that it fits any head you put it on. Seriously, a jumbo package for its price.

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Another Italian brand established in 1973 that produces some of the finest variety of helmets with great safety and comfort measures to meet the requirements of every biker. The designs look great and offer a premium feel at comparatively affordable prices. Moreover, all helmets are DOT certified so you can easily rely on them.

 Though the helmets are great overall and beat almost any other model in their line, their specialty often seems apparent in the modular line. Providing the latest features paired with modern tech, nothing comes close to them in their price category. However, the only drawback about these helmets is their restriction to clear shield models which in case of other models is fog-faced, tending to be less convenient in sunny weather.

 The only department where it seems to be at its competitors is its extremely lightweight, great ventilation, and soothing comfort. The noise reduction is also exceptional but since these helmets come with a dedicated pair of ear covers, you’ll have to remove the whole lining just in case you aren’t happy with them or want to remove them for some reason.

 All in all, the brand offers some awesome pieces of gear for those in search of motorcycle helmets costing a reasonable price while covering every safety and comfort necessary altogether. Being one of the leading brands since 1973, you can easily bet your money on Nolan Helmets.It earns its name among the Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands of the time.  

Best Model From Nolan (N100-5):

nolan 100-5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

 Since the review here is meant to be short, I’m afraid this beauty cannot be described in just a few lines. However, to give you a brief breakdown, this helmet just offers so much for so less. I wonder what Nolan is even earning from it. Offering exceptionally great quality, durable shell, lightweight, outstanding fit and comfort, noise reduction, and great ventilation, I think it is just what you need on your long rides. Being Modular, N100-5 also comes with a Bluetooth system, allowing you to communicate with your road buddies whenever you want. However, Keep in mind that it only supports N-com Bluetooth systems. All in all, one of its kind in its price range. One of the best Motorcycle Helmet brands to go for!


 Well, to be honest, this French brand has not been so famous in the past but now is paving its way to becoming one of the industry giants with the introduction of some high-quality stuff. In the last four years, the band has been testing each of their helmets by SHARP, getting constant 4 stars reviews which is pretty impressive from a not-so-famous company, not to forget the inclusion of chin bars on both modules that scored 100 out of 100.

 To talk about other factors such as durability and performance, the majority of users reported it to be quite amazing as the shell is extremely impact resistant, able to withstand some solid impacts. Ventilation is good enough to keep you going in hot weather without soaking your head in sweat. Though the lining is thin, it still manages to provide satisfaction to the rider. Long story short, as a mid-budget biker, I wouldn’t hesitate to spend my money on Shark helmets. Like, if it’s on No.7, it must have the potential to earn the spot in Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands of the time.  

Best Model From Shark (Evoline ST Move up):

shark evo Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

The latest model introduced by Shark is the Evolving ST Move-up which is equally economical and feature-packed. Picking up everything that the last Evo line model from the brand left off, this one filled every gap to make itself one of the best modular helmets in its range.

 Equipped with the innovative Auto-Up system, it allows the rider to rotate the chin bar of the helmet completely around the backside of the helmet and lock it there. This means you can convert a full-face helmet into an open-faced helmet in no time. Moreover, it’s DOT certified so you don’t have to worry.

 Other notable features include a durable, impact-resistant Lexan Polycarbonate Shell, the easy fit system for comfortable use even with glasses, Sharktooth ready Bluetooth, Integrated dropdown sun-shield, and removable liner to give you the best riding experience. In addition to that, the ventilation system is also good enough to keep you cool on long rides. One of the best Motorcycle Helmet brands to go for!

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 No one beats Italianos when we talk about racing gears. As a matter of fact that Italian companies have been pushing it very hard when it comes to motorsports. It’s no surprise to see the third brand from Italy in our list. Famous all around the world, Caberg still continues to be in the run of Helmet production giants. They prove it with every new helmet they introduce to the market.

 Keeping their eyes on the future, the company mainly focuses on smart helmets equipped with the latest technologies to make them equally protective and functional. Captivating and attractive designs combined with innovation, they prove to live up to every requirement of the day.

 To add more to your satisfaction and information, every helmet is passed through severe conformity tests to meet all the safety standards set by DOT or the law to ensure you stay protected as long as something from Caberg stays on your head. And guess what, excellent quality scores from SHARP proves it!

Best Model From Caberg (Drift):

caberg drift Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands


To talk about the best model from Caderg , It’s undoubtedly the Caberg drift.Because it comes fully equipped with the latest features at a considerably reasonable price. Tough, lightweight, and attractive looking, the carbon version of this model is something to be adored. Designed specifically for long rides, You’ll enjoy every bit of your journey with the drop-down and scratch-resistant visor. Moreover, the nice ventilating system, removable/washable interior. Combined with 1250g of overall weight, you can trust it for being your long touring buddy without a second thought. Eye-catching colors, various sizes, and advanced features, it gives a lot for what you pay. Probably the best in the line that balances price and features quite efficiently.

Check out Our Bluetooth Helmets


 Found almost 20 years back, Airoh has been launching quality lightweight helmets for everyone, and from everyone. I literally mean the 10 years old kid riding a scooter in the street. To a professional motorbike rider running things on and off-road.

 Though the company isn’t 20 years old, as it has been producing helmets for different brands. However they made their own debut in the market under this title back in 1997 and not to our surprise, they have been lighting up the games ever since.

 Providing a wide range of helmets including the cheap full-faced and expensive open-face models to those with super light-weight, they absolutely fulfill the wishes of bikers of any category. In addition, they didn’t forget their low-budget fellows, thus you will also find a lot of budget-friendly premium quality helmets.

 You will find everything from classic open-face designs to modern modular and jet fighter shaped head protectors, each having a variety of different colors and designs with the same great quality. Just keep in an account which price category are you considering. Since the brand offers from extremely low-priced to really expensive models.

 One of the best Motorcycle Helmet brands to go for!

Best Model From Airoh (Aviator 2.3. AMS):

airooh 2.3

Specially designed for Off-road bikers, Airoh Aviator 2.3. AMS is really something to look up to if you do it rough. Costing a bit high, this helmet is equipped with an Airoh Multi-action safety system. That will provide greater rotational energy absorption at the time of impact, keeping your brains from coming out. Not only that, but there’s also Airoh Emergency Fast Remover to remove the helmet quickly off your head. Just in case of an emergency. The shell is made 100% of carbon, having a multiaxial structure which makes it extremely lightweight, something Airoh is special for. That is why it comes among the best motorcycle helmet brands.

 Additionally, there’s a grid and filter to keep dust particles and stones out. Something common for a high-end helmet. The field of view is amazing, giving you full sight of everything. The visor is adjustable and the nose guard is removable. Also, there’s integrated support for a GoPro biker.

 All in all, something you’d love for everything


 Don’t want to spend a lot or be financially constrained, MT helmets can be something of your taste. Certainly better than most of its low budget fellows. All helmets for MT are DOT/ECE/SHARP certified so there are no apparent concerns about the safety. The best thing you’ll experience about these helmets is their exceptional fit and build quality. That is not only eye-catching but durable and comfortable at the same time.

 The ventilation is great keeping your head cool on long rides. Also, the lining is quite comfortable and protective at the same time. Shell is something that can withstand even the strongest impacts. Unlike most of the helmets, the chin portion won’t feel flimsy. Apart from this, each helmet comes with spinlock inserts. Although every model doesn’t have an anti-fog visor, those which have one are really strong and anti-fog.

 All in all, you’ll be satisfied with the money you pay!

Best Model from MT (Blade 2 SV):

mt blade

Standing high as one of the best value helmets of the time. MT has done a great job with the Blade 2 SV.  Earning 4 stars safety rating in the SHARP test conducted in the UK, it really seems to be something worth trying. Having a full-face design gives you a short overview of the model. It has a full-face design because it is composed of thermoplastic. In addition to that, it has a sun-visor that helps a lot on a sunny day ride.

 The pin lock max vision anti-fog is also included. Moreover, there are two shell sizes just in case you’re looking for one. One of the main advantages of this helmet is the numerous sizes from extra small to extra large. It is suitable for every head with every shape. Being both ECE and DOT certified, it only costs you around 140 pounds, Which is quite impressive. The only drawback you’re gonna face is the 1.6 Kg weight. However, with the time you will get “used to” to it.

 Bottom line:

Well, in the end. I’d conclude that every brand has its own specialities and features in certain areas, for different prices. Since each of the aforementioned brands is one of those leading ones in the helmets industry. Just make sure what you want and need in a helmet. What you can pay for it, then make your choice. Keeping in an account that each is great in its own way!





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