10 Best Motorcycle Helmet 2020-2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide(Read before you buy)

best motorcycle helmetMotorcycle helmets are a necessity of every biker. Some use it primarily for protection and it doesn’t really matter how it looks over them, it’s getting the job done after all. However, some want it protective, classy and protective altogether. As a matter of fact that there’s a variety of best motorcycle helmets available right now. However, what you choose makes the real difference. On one hand when some just want a “helmet”, others prefer “better helmet”.

Whether you are running a delivery company thats requires you to deliver fast and make sure the rider is safe, or you just like to ride like wind on a speedway. What you need is the best motorcycle helmet available  & we have got all kinds of helmets here to choose from.

And the Good News ?

We have made sure that our products are of high end quality material after all safety comes first , and the plus point is that we have variety of products that fits among the budget of all kinds of riders. From high end to budget friendly, we have got it all.

Keeping everything in account after a thorough research and user reviews, We’ve come up with a list of the best Motorcycle helmets that will not only protect you, but also maintain that cool on the road to make you stand out in the crowd. But first take a quick look at out top picks.

Our Top Picks

LS2 Strobe

ls2 modular motorcycle helmet

  • Modular functionality
  • Quick release chin strap
  • Comfortable nose breath guard


Shoei RF-1200

shoei rf 1200 helmet

  • Improved noise blocking system
  • Outstandingly comfortable
  • Aerodynamic for racers


Bell Moto

bell moto mips 9 helmet

  • Magnetic cheek liners
  • Used by professionals
  • Variety of designs to choose from



 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet 2021 List:

As promised above here is the list that we gathered our researchers have studied data and inquired from all kinds of riders to put up a list that contains all kinds of helmets available in the market so you can choose according to your needs.

1. Shoei RF-1200Full-Face
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
2. Arai XD4Full-Face
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
3. Bell Qualifier
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
4. O’Neal
Sierra II
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
5. Shoei Solid
Neotec 2
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
6. Scorpion Exo
Half-Face5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
7.Bell Moto
Off-Road5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
8. LS2 Strobe
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
9. HJC Star Wars
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
10. HJC CL-Max 2Best Modular
4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

So lets get into it :

We have reviewed each product in detail , their specs, pros & cons and all the information you need to make your decision easily. We have made sure that you have got all the information you need about the specific product.

Best Motorcycle Helmets 2021 Reviews

1: Shoei RF-1200 Helmet

shoei rf 1200 best motorcycle helmet


The first spot on our list is occupied by none other than Shoei RF-1200 Helmet. Since the company has gained a lot of recognition with their previously launched masterclasses that any professional or none professional biker would love to add to their biking gear, Shoei RF-1200 is no exception. Proving to be a rightful successor to the previous model, it has got everything to stay at the top.

To give you a honest review, this helmet is not a lot of new stuff as compared to the RF-1200 counterpart, but has super-enhanced quality key features of the previous model, with astonishingly improved comfort and comfortability experience. Professional biker or not, You’ll love it for quite everything.

When on the road, you just don’t want your neck or head to be uncomfortable. To tell you in a frank manner, these two are the only things keeping you from meeting grim reaper at the moment. Keeping it a priority, Shoei RF-1200 has especially been designed to provide you a comfortable ride, and this proves to be its biggest highlight as well.


The inner lining is as good as you’d expect from a high-end helmet from any brand. Not being biased, but even better when it’s from shoei since the brand is known for it. As a matter of fact that most of the bikers want it neat and clean, void of any sweat smell. So every part of the hypoallergenic lining is removable and cleanable.

Well, it’s pretty obvious that no one wants to feel like a loaded truck riding a bike with a ton of garbage on his head, Shoei decided to keep it light. Being not one of the lightest, but “The lightest” in its true meanings, RF-1200 is something you desperately need on the road. That’s what makes it the most comfortable motorcycle helmet .Not being over-exaggerating, but trust me, you won’t even feel it.

On a lighter note, the material is considerably strong to withstand the impact just in case your skull lands on the road. Moreover, to make sure you don’t die of suffocation, the helmet is well ventilated.

All in all, the thing for which We’d rate it 10 out of 10 is the comfortable experience you have on the ride. Moreover, other modern features like full face racing, noise reduction, Pin-lock visor, E.Q.R.S CWR-1 shielding system will also add to your experience. And by the way the helmet is DOT and Snell M2015 certified, so you can blindly trust it.One of the best motorcycle helmets for a reason.

  • Outstandingly comfortable.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Aerodynamic, a plus point for racers.
  • Pin-lock visor will help to keep the things clear.
  • Nothing really if you can pay the price.

Final Verdict:

Covering every aspect of a true motorcycle helmet, you’ll love it for everything. An easy-peasy lemon squeezy choice you’ll ever make for the money. And I mean it!

2: Arai XD4 Helmet

Arai XD4 Helmet


Keeping the legacy of XD series alive, Arai XD4 Helmet in no way is less than the aforementioned Model when it comes to features. However it’s the price that kept it on the second spot. Having every awesome feature that you want in a AAA rated dual-sport helmet, it tends to be on  the high side of the spectrum in almost everything. From price to features, it stands in a “more more” situation when it comes to everything.

From comfort to features, it earns its place as one of the best in every department. Being a high-end dual-sport helmet, the company has made sure you have that amazing vision on the off road terrains or roads with its wide vertical and horizontal clearance for a top-notch view. Something you’d love to wear on an adventurous ride where keeping keen view of everything is must.


The interior is removable, replaceable, and cleanable just like the aforementioned model. To ease your worries, it’s DOT and Snell M2015 certified. Cutting long story short, You can easily rely on the Arai XD4 in terms of comfort, quality, design, and most of all safety. A great choice for adventure enthusiasts.

Moreover, the feel you get is awesome. No matter if you wear it or hold it, you’ll love it anyway as it will only increase your class. No surprise why it has gained the reputation of being the most aesthetic riding buddies out there!


  • Crystal clear visibility.
  • Considerably comfortable.
  • Nice ventilation.
  • Strong and durable material.
  • Amazing feel and classy design.
  • Pricey.
  • Chin strap may not fit everyone well.

Final Verdict:

The review being unbiased, I’ll be dead honest with you here. Despite the fact that it’s one of those high-end adventure freaks helmets, it has some flaws. For example, the ventilation is good, but not as exceptional as the Shoei RF-1200 Helmet. In addition, the chin strap may not fit everyone very well which can be frustrating for some. However, let’s not just look at the dull side, since it has many awesome features to look upto. An easy bet almost everyone, if not anyone. No surprise it’s considered as one of the best Motorcycle helmets of the time by experts.

Our Top Brands

3: Bell Qualifier DLX Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

bell dlx qualifier helmet


A racer in need of a high quality helmet? This one may be something you are looking for. From quality to features, everything is right in its place. That too in a comparatively lower price than many of its fellows in the category, it tends to be giving a tough time to every competitor in the list of best cheap motorcycle helmet . Being 3rd in our list of best motorcycle helmets couldn’t be occupied rightly enough.

Well, since Bell is a brand trusted by all top-notch bikers across the globe, they’ve kept their standards high with this one as well. Keeping the trust of their customers of prime importance, the company didn’t stay back from prioritizing protection in case of this product also.


To give you some in-depth details of the model, let’s just start with the face-shield. Just like any other high-end model from the brand, this one also comes with a transition photochromic face shield, which has the sole purpose of darkening that “extra light” by UV rays to give you a clear and comfortable view. However, the only drawback of this technology is that your view will be dark all the time, irrespective of conditions.

For sake of convenience, there’s another handy feature with the face shield termed as “click face” technology. It not only saves your time but ensures ease, allowing you to change any sort of settings for just with a button-click.

Just in case you feel the urge to talk to your buddies on a ride without any extra distraction, the helmet is compatible for an intercom system. There’s a removable panel on the left hand side of the helmet revealing a panel usable for Cardo Q1/Q3, Cardo Qz, or the Sena SMH10. Quite beneficial eh?

The only thing you won’t like about it is surely the noisiness of this model. Just cover the holes with something if you can and thank me later if you want!

  • Aesthetic design.
  • Nicely priced
  • Exceptional protection.
  • UV rays cancellation
  • Amazing face shield.
  • May not fit everyone.
  • Really noisy.

Final Verdict:

Equipped with everything a pro-racer or a casual biker needs, Bell Qualifier DLX is a great deal to make in a budget below $250. Affordable, comfortable, best for touring and classy looking helmet with good ventilation system, It will work out nicely for almost anyone. However, that noisy thing cannot be avoided. Just make sure it fits your head and your needs altogether while considering it!

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4: O’Neal Uni-sex Adult Full-face style Sierra II Helmet

o'neal sierra 2 helmet


Honestly, this one is something an adventure helmet should look like. With a price lower than any of the previously mentioned models, the Sierra II is something you just see in sci-fi movies. Having every quality of an awesome budget helmet, this one is simply a top-notch choice for the price.

Before going any deeper in the mumbo-jumbo stuff, first just lets have a look at the outer side of the box. The helmet features amazingly stylish hard edges that will give you a feel no less than megamind riding his alien bike.


Another great addition to the model’s design is the drop-down sun visor, that not only contributes to the protection, but aesthetics also. You’ll adore it if you aren’t a “goggles” type rider.It also comes with removable/washable air channeled comfort liner Moreover, the material is strong to make sure you don’t have your brains out if your head is smashed against something, just sayin’.

Though the inner mesh can be a problem for our allergic buddies. But for those comfortable with it will feel good that’s for sure. Just be sure you’re good with it before making Sierra II a member of your motorcycle gears.

Keeping a great balance between style and features, It won’t feel over aggrandizing to say that the company has made an absolutely perfect adventurous helmet that ticks every box effortlessly. Go for it if you’re in a hurry. You’ll have a perfect adventure experience.

  • Justifies the budget.
  • Affordable.
  • Utra-awesome looks.
  • Flip-down internal sun visor.
  • Great for adventure rides.
  • Durable.
  • Mesh inner pads.
  • Not too-good ventilation comparatively.

Final Verdict:

Stylish, feature-packed and durable, Sierra II helmet is well balanced from every angle. Especially designed for adventurous rides, the first thing that will grab anyone’s attention is the eye catching, unique and straight out of the movie design, which not only looks good but feels good. Most of all, you get it for an extremely affordable price that makes it one of the top picks when talking about Best motorcycle helmets. Just what you need to include in your gear on the go!

5: Shoei Solid Neotec 2 Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei Solid Neotec 2 Motorcycle Helmet


Since Shoei is the leading brand in the helmets world, it’s no surprise to see another one from them in our list. Better than the previously described model of the respective brand, Shoei Solid Noetic 2 is yet another innovative piece of gear you can opt for. However, just in case you are wondering why we placed this piece on number 5, it’s because this thing is damn expensive. And I mean really expensive, but it has alot of advantages check this video to know more about it. You may skip this one if you aren’t rich. P.s don’t take it personal ;).


Moving on to the specs, this helmet is designed for any sort of terrains. Off trail or on an open road, you can easily rely on this model. Equipped with the latest and arguably the best tech found in the market right now, this helmet is as convenient as protective. Since it follows the footsteps of multi-tech, you can expect enhanced comfort and functionality. It also makes it’s name at the top list among the best street helmets.

Featuring a more wider and taller field of vision when compared to the previous model in line, it outperforms its competitors in this department as well. Moreover, if you’re worried about the noise or aerodynamics, just stop worrying because Neotec 2 has taken these concepts to a new level, or may I say, they just re-invented them.

Less drag, nice lining & removable padding, You’ll feel more comfortable than ever before, Preferably on longer trips where all you need is relief. And yes, it will wick away moisture just in case you’re riding in hot weather to prevent your head from soaking in moisture like a Goddamn chickpea before cooking.That’s what makes it the best helmet for hot weather ride.

Something users didn’t like about it is its “only SRL Bluetooth Communication System” which if you want to change, will cost you even more expenses over an already expensive helmet.

Well, go for it if you’ve got the bucks. Otherwise, ending up a beggar after your adventure won’t be surprising.

  • All in one.
  • Pin lock anti-fog visor
  • Best modular mechanisms available right now.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Noise reduction is just awesome.
  • Durable.
  • Technologically modern.
  • Extremely durable.
  • High quality.
  • Specific bluetooth communication system.

Final Verdict:

Nothing to say much. This model would be our top pick if not for the price. Covering you in every area like a pro, This one is one of the most complete Motorcycle helmets of the day. If the communication stuff isn’t your problem, or you are generous enough to spend extra, go for it. You won’t find any better.

6: Scorpion Exo Convert Unisex-Adult Half-size-style

scorpion exo covert helmet


If you feel like looking cool, this helmet can be one of your top picks. Having recognition as one of the loudest helmets out there, this Scorpion Exo Concert has really been heating up the games recently. Being something more than a conventional piece of gear, it gives you something extra to look up to.

Well, since I’m afraid of filling up this section of article by just praising the looks, let’s concentrate on other useful features that one looks for in a convenient piece of gear, other things are just a sidekick. This model has polycarbonate which is engineered to minimize weight and diverse impact. So, this model is a Multi-form cruiser helmet. Means you can use it as a half-shell, open face, or simply as full face.


Moreover, the helmet contains removable sections for the sake of ease. Just do whatever you want with it to meet up your level of comfort. In addition, you get a drop-down sun visor like many of the other aforementioned models that fits the muzzle.

Bell speed dial fitting tool is another addition to this extraordinary helmet that provides you unmatchable comfort on your ride. In addition, this thing is DOT certified to meet all the safety standards of the day.

Keeping review to the point, something you don’t like about ScorpionExo Covert Helmet is the ventilation. Make sure you have an extra accessory to cover your face while riding in the cold.

All in all, this helmet is a brilliant piece of innovation that anyone with wild tastes will love to own. I mean, everything is right where it needs to be. A thanos level balance between everything.

  • Stylish.
  • Drop-down visor fits in the muzzle.
  • Technologically advanced.
  • Well priced.
  • Convenient and durable.
  • Not too-cheap.

Final Verdict:

At a point where it remains one of the coolest Motorcycle helmets in the category, it also doesn’t compromise on features. An amazing piece of gear you’ll get for your money that fulfills every necessity of a bike quite efficiently. Not a bad choice for the money overall.


7: Bell Moto-MIPS Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet

bell moto 9 mips helmet


Not the most affordable one, but arguably the best you can go for without any second thoughts. Since we’ve kept every aspect in account before preparing the list, the only reason it is placed at No. 7 is the price, just like many members of our list. But you must have heard, great things come at a great price, and it really fits on this one.

Meeting all the safety standards accompanied with great features, Bell has kept their legacy alive with Moto-MIPS. As a matter of fact that this model is equipped with the latest and most comforting ventilation system, as you can see in this detailed video, Riding in hot weathers won’t be an issue as you’ll cool down quickly.

To add a bit extra to your comfort, the helmet has an internal lining of exceptional quality which gives it even more edge over its price fellows. An off-road hot ride won’t be an issue while having your head covered with this beauty. Just take your bike anywhere, anytime you want irrespective of the conditions.


Now let’s talk about what’s “modern” about Bell’s Moto-MIPS. As the name suggests, this model features MIPS technology developed by the same company. To explain it simply, you’ll get a special crown after removing the liner for extra protection from angular protection to ensure you don’t have your brains out while falling off the bike

In addition, the chin liner and chin straps are held with the help of a magnet. Means you can remove them immediately in case of sudden need. Making sure you don’t get stressed out while removing this thing, there’s a special built-in “pump” like implant that will make the “The arduous task of removing helmet” a bit fun and easy. Seems like a book title, ain’t it?

Tested and used by professionals, there’s nothing bad about this buddy. Easy, light, comfortable, and convenient, it’s one of the best Motorcycle helmets for summer available in the market right now.  Go for it if you’ve a big bank account.

  • Exceptional quality.
  • A flagship helmet that outperforms almost every competitor.
  • Technologically advanced.
  • Extra safety.
  • Varying designs, choose the one you like.
  • Outstanding in terms of comfort.
  • Used by professionals.
  • Magnetic cheek liners.
  • Expensive. And I mean really expensive.

Final Verdict:

Seeing the overall features that this helmet possesses, it will be sheer injustice to judge it by any means. Technologically advanced with amazing features that justifies the price, it’s no surprise that this model is recommended by professionals around the world. Moreover, it meets up all the safety standards of DOT, just in case you wanted to know.

Since the helmet is made by Bell, we know what to expect. A high quality masterclass that anyone with money would love to own. And by the way, it doesn’t have that “conventional” look, which is another plus point if you prefer cool. Both beauty and beast combined in one package. What else do you want?

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8: LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 best modular helmet


Remember Y’all fussing about ventilation? Well shut up now because someone has heard your cries. Presenting you the best modular motorcycle helmet, “the LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle Helmet”  which is just enough to keep your head cooler in hot rides. Since ventilation is the main thing this thing revolves around, expect a comparatively better airflow in any weather. Nomatter its cold, hot, or humid, You’ll remain comfortable.

Apart from ventilation, it has some more cards to throw on the table including a drop-down sun shield to battle the ultra violet rays for clearer view and eye protection. To your ease, you can also remove the lining for cleaning purposes as it can smell really bad after a long ride. Moreover, the helmet is easy to put on or off to lessen your stress.


To move on to its other notable features, the design is extremely sleek and durable with a flip-up chin bar of the face that keeps it at the middle line between versatility and durability. Moreover, weighing only 4 pounds, you’ll barely feel it on your head. Having a twin shield system, just ride it in any weather. In addition, the face visor is made up of A-class polycarbonate, providing enhanced clarity and with the ability of withstanding solid impacts to keep your head protected.

Another plus point of LS2 Strobe Modular Motorcycle helmet is that it will easily fit on most of the head size and shape without any extra effort. The checkpads are being cut with a laser to ensure an easy, comfortable, and secure fit. The quick release strap can prove to be useful at times. To say more, best street bike helmet ,it’s DOT and ECE approved. Says enough about why you should consider it.

  • DOT certified.
  • Nice ventilation.
  • Modular functionality.
  • Quick release chin strap.
  • Easily changeable shield..
  • Comfortable nose breath guard.
  • Chin curtain.
  • Easily fitting.
  • Versatile.
  • Light.
  • Chin curtain snaps out easily when trying to use modular function.

Final Verdict:

To say the least about this piece of gear, it’s one of the best Motorcycle helmets when it comes to ventilation. Moreover, this when paired with other useful features makes it one of the most reliable and versatile choices in the market out there. All in all, a fine choice for the piece. And oh, did I forget something? Check the “pros” list again!

Check out LS2 coolest helmet

9: HJC Star Wars Unisex-Adult Full face CS-R3 Storm Trooper

HJC star wars


HJC never likes to stay back when it comes to helmets. And I mean it’s pretty obvious since it’s the helmet we are putting forward from the best brand. Though this one isn’t really expensive. Being a dream helmet for starters, this one stays on the brighter side of budget helmets for its amazing customizability, looks, and features. However, don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles because it’s something that will only meet up your basic needs.

Just in case you are sci-fi fan, this one can be a gear of your dreams. Having a lot of decals available on amazon, it’s your choice which avenger you want to become. I’d definitely choose Iron man, just sayin’. Though thanos cannot be a bad choice since it represents a great balance between looks and features.


Moving on to what it provides except for the design, it’s a full face racing helmet. Moreover, the communication and audio system is just what you need for a perfect ride. The shield visor lock and release mechanism makes it even more convenient on the go. Having a DOT certificate, you can easily rely on this model.

All in all, nothing much to be honest but recalling the price, it’s the most perfect piece of gear you can get right now.

  • Great variety of decals.
  • Durable and solid.
  • Exceptional quality shield visor.
  • Good for racers who have just started.
  • Not an extraordinary build.
  • Not a lot of benefits, just focuses on the basics.

Final Verdict:

Though I won’t recommend it very highly to be very honest. But keeping in account that it reaches every standard of a basic motorcycle helmet for lower price, considering it won’t be a bad choice. Not to forget the decals which are one of its main highlights. You don’t see it in every model available. Do you?

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10: HJC CL-Max 2 Motorcycle Helmet

HJC modular


Have you ever seen a light helmet that only carries the weight of its features? Preferably in rare cases. Well, HJC CL-Max 2 motorcycle Helmet happens to be one of those. Standing as a proof that you can find quality stuff at lower price, it beats most of its competitors very easily.

Being an innovative piece of gear, it features an advanced polycarbonate composite shell with an adjustable chin bar made of the same premium quality material for the sake of enhanced protection and style altogether. In addition, both the chin bar and face shield will release with the press of a single button, adding to both convenience and ease at the same time.


The fit and feel are great, the best helmet for large head riders, Moreover, to make sure your head doesn’t get soaked in sweat, the ventilation system provides considerable airflow to make your ride experience even better. UV rays protection is just another addition to its features. In short, a nice choice of money, especially when you get it for less than $200. No surprise why it has 5-stars reviews on Amazon.

  • Well priced.
  • UV protection.
  • One button functionality.
  • Nice ventilation.
  • Comfortable inner lining.
  • Doesn’t fit everyone.
  • Not too stylish.

Final Verdict:

Since you get it for almost $120, there’s really no need to pick out the faults. However, to complete the review, there has to be something. So what we really found attractive about this model are its top-notch features that can easily beat any other helmet falling in its price range. Moreover, HJC CL-Max 2 is extremely durable and capable of withstanding some serious impacts. The ease and comfort is something you’ll adore about it. Though it’s a fact that it isn’t made for every head shape, those fitting it won’t regret choosing this one. I can easily bet on that!

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How to choose the best Motorcycle Helmet ?

Searching for a motorcycle helmet but confused about what to look for in proper headgear that can fill up your needs to the level of perfection? I think you’ve just hit the right place. Since headgear isn’t always just about protection, you need something that provides equally good comfort, fit, and ventilation for a great ride experience. In the following article, we will mainly be discussing aspects that ensure each of the aforementioned factors have been fairly justified. Moreover, the extra embellishments that can make your ride full of fun!

So here is the stuff you should be checking out before choosing a perfect headgear:

 Size and Shape

Well, we know that everyone has a different head shape and size. Since you don’t want your head to be confined in a box putting pressure on the wrong areas, it’s important to choose a helmet that suits your personality the best. Usually helmets come in three shapes, named round oval, intermediate oval, and long oval. What you have to do is just to put on and analyze which helmet fits your head easily without any apparent efforts, and gives you that ultimate feel of relief and comfort.

Shell material

When talking about protection, the shell acts as your ultimate saviour at the time of impact. So choosing the right shell is one of the main factors that ensures a safer ride. However, you might not want something that weighs you down on longer rides, and that’s why you should be looking for helmets made of light but strong material like carbon fiber, or polycarbonate. Though both of these will cost you some extra bucks but that shouldn’t be a matter of worry. Just be it a one time investment than risking your life and comfort.


Trust me, Ventilation is one of the most important  as well as the most ignored things while choosing a motorcycle helmet that riders realize while they settle off for some intense riding where their head becomes like a chickpea soaked in boiled water. To make sure you don’t suffer from the same condition, make sure you thoroughly check for the head gear’s ventilation system based on your needs. For example there are helmets in pro-shops titled as “racing or sport” helmets or “touring” helmets, both types optimized for specific categories. Means if you’re in an intense racing thing, go for the best racing helmets, otherwise touring helmets will be sufficient for you. And one more thing, the number of vents doesn’t mean better ventilation. Just make sure you consult a professional or read online user reviews to get a better idea.

Internal Lining

Internal lining quality and comfort are considered two names of the same thing. Choose a  helmet that has fully removable/washable internal padding to keep it clean and neat as sweat accumulation and absorption over the time can cause it to smell bad, and often result in bacterial reactions. Moreover the foam should be of premium quality and preferable laser cut for enhanced fit and comfort. Moreover, it should also be hypoallergenic, just in case you’ve any apparent problems with certain materials.

 Aerodynamics and Noise reduction

Just in case you are in some pro-biking business, you’ll need a headgear titled race or sport helmet. It’s because such helmets are designed in a way that they allow less drag at faster speeds, making your experience less shaky or buffeting that ensures extreme balance. In addition, noise reduction also plays a huge role in ensuring a more safer, and comfortable ride as you won’t be distracted by noise all around and stay focused on the tack.


What is a helmet for when it doesn’t give you a border and clear view of your track. Keeping this in account, the importance of visor kicks in. One of the most crucial aspects of a helmet, choose a visor that gives you a clear vision of the things in front of you. As a matter of fact that no one wants an intentional accident on the ride, choose a helmet that is equipped with  an anti-fog, and anti-scratch visor. Though it may cost you a bit more, but its worth it!

 DOT/ECE/FMVSS Certification

How do we know that the helmet meets every safety standard on the road? The answer is simple. Proper certification. The above terms basically stand for different safety tests conducted across Europe and the United states. Means when you see any of these tags on a helmet, it means the model has been passed through a couple of different safety tests, each pushing it to the extreme limits. Now if a Motorcycle helmet passes safe and sound through each of them, you can use it anywhere in the aforementioned regions without any restrictions.

Infographic how to choose helmet


 FAQ’s :

1. Are expensive motorcycle helmets worth it ?

A expensive helmet is lighter weight because of  the  higher quality materials used. The quality of the fabrics that touch your head, the ventilation design and the aerodynamics will all contribute to a greater feeling of comfort & safety. Therefore expensive helmet provides safety which is the main reason you buy a helmet.

2.What Is The Best Motorcycle Helmet Brand?

The best motorcycle helmet brands available in the market  are, Arai, Shoei, and HJC just to name a few. These brands have great build quality, meet all the reequired  safety standards, are very comfortable, and offer a broad assortment of styles to meet the needs and preferences of all riders.

3.What Kind of Helmet Do You Use When Riding A Motorcycle?

You can use all kind of motorcycle helmet when riding a motorcycle. However, it’s very  important to make sure that whether you choose to wear a half helmet, three-quarters helmet, beanie style helmet, dual sport helmet, or full face helmet that it fulfills all  the safety standards required in the areas where you will be riding.

4.Do You Think Wearing A Helmet Really Saves Lives?

Yes wearing a motorcycle helmet really saves lives. Just like a seat belt or air bag in an automobile, a motorcycle helmet is a piece of safety equipment designed to help protect you from impact. In the event of a crash, just like a having a seat belt or air bag in place, wearing a motorcycle helmet adds a protective barrier between your head and the ground, a tree, another vehicle, or any other object. Wearing a motorcycle helmet can greatly increase your odds of reducing trauma if you are struck or crash your motorcycle.

5.How Heavy Should A Motorcycle Helmet Be?

The average large sized full face motorcycle helmet weighs about 3-1/4 to 3-1/2 pounds. Some helmets may weigh a little less and some may be heavier but that doesn’t mean those helmets are better or worse. Things like helmet sizing, design, and the type of safety testing requirements that the helmet meets can have an effect on the weight and how a helmet feels on your head.A lighter weight helmet that is too large will slip and slide around causing the weight to move around.

6.What Is The Safest Motorcycle Helmet?

The three most common safety certification stickers you will see on the back of motorcycle helmets are DOT, Snell and ECE. Every motorcycle helmet sold in the United States has to pass testing procedures and meet specific standards established by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to be street legal in the United States.

7.Do We Need Full Face Helmet Or Half Face?

Deciding between a full face or half helmet is a matter of preference. Some people like to wear half helmets because they want that open air feeling as their ride and love that “wind in their face” experience. Other people like full face helmets because they provide more head and face protection than a half helmet and a full face helmet helps block the wind for a quieter ride.